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Touch Display Module

Optical bonding is a process that attaches the touch panel directly to the LCD, filling a small air gap between the front of the display and the back of the touch panel. it's a valuable process that can enhance the performance, durability, and aesthetics of touch screens. 

Product Overview

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Looking for cutting-edge touch display modules for your specific industry needs? Look no further than Touch-China, a leading provider of innovative touch display solutions. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in delivering top-notch Touch Display Modules tailored for Medical, Transportation, and Military applications. Welcome to contact us.

Touch-China Touch Display Module 

The touch display module is the main component responsible for the touch function in the touch display. Based on the touch sensor, it is further assembled with control IC, flexible circuit board and other components through binding, lamination and other processes to form a touch module. Touch-China attaches the touch panel directly to the LCD through an optical bonding process to fill the small air gap between the front of the display and the back of the touch panel.

Touch display modules made through this process can enable the touch display to reduce light reflection and refraction, improve image clarity, contrast and color accuracy, and provide additional protection against scratches, impacts and chemical damage. The touch screen optical bonding can improve user experience and reduce maintenance costs.


Two kinds of optical bonding solution

Types of optical bonding vary, from UV curable liquid optically clear adhesives or resins (LOCA/OCR) to dry film adhesive (DFA/OCA). At Touch-China, we choose the most effective bonding method and type of adhesive for the substrates and LCD to meet the application requirements and effectively improve the performance of the final product.


Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA)

OCA is used to add film-type of optically clear adhesive between the cover glass and LCD display for display panel assembly. Such an optical bonding is especially significant in sunlight conditions. OCA offers superior clarity and excellent adhesion to eliminate surface-to-surface air gap and reflections from the viewing area to achieve better clarity, color contrast and wider viewing angles.

Touch Display Module

Optically Clear Resin (OCR/LOCA)

OCR, or LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive), is one of optical bonding technologies, which can provide optimum display clarity required for smartphones and tablet devices. The liquid type bonding adhesive is suitable for use on curve or uneven surfaces. The technology allows thinner and lighter panel construction required for futuristic display designs.

Touch Display Module

What are The Mechanical Benefits of Optical Bonding?

As LCDs and graphics panels are becoming the norm in products throughout offices, factories, entertainment venues, commercial kitchens, and the home, their ability to withstand accidental impacts, or vandalism is imperative.

When applied in combination with a suitable mechanical mounting, optical bonding can considerably increase the overall impact resistance to help the end-product achieve a desired IK rating. In addition, when combined with toughened or strengthened glass, optical bonding can help increase the vandal resistance of products such as security panels and ATM machines


Optical Bonding is popular among the medical, military, transportation and retail sectors whereby a higher performing display is required due to the harsh environments. Optical Bonding is suited to industries that tend to use rugged displays in high reliability environments or industries where displays need to be seen in high ambient light conditions. The process of Optical Bonding is particularly well suited and much more effective when applied to devices that operate outdoors or in heavily lighted environments.


Why Choose Touch-China?

The benefits of using Touch-China Optically Bonded Touch Screens:

● Improved Display Quality

● Enhanced Durability

● Better Touch Performance

● Reduced Maintenance Costs

● Compatible With Graphic Overlays

● Rigid, Flexible, or Hybrid Circuits

● ESD, EMI or RFI Shielding Compatible

● Compact & Thin Profile

● Efficient Input & Output Controls

● Affordable

Touch Display Module

Service and After-sales

Custom Service: We offer a custom service and our knowledgeable team provide comprehensive technical support from the early stages, drawing on our 24 years of experience to ensure your project is a success. 

Products we can customize include Resistive Touch Screens, Capacitive Touch Screen, Touch Monitor All-in-One, etc.

Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide initial handling suggestions within 2 hours of receiving feedback.

Prompt RMA Processing Policy: We believe in fair and reasonable business practices. In the unlikely event of a return, our transparent RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) processing policy ensures an efficient, timely resolution.

Touch Display Module

Our products are very popular, if you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible. Email: info@touch-china.net

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