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Touch Monitor / All-in-one

Industrial touch monitors are optimized for different user environments (Indoor and Outdoor). We provide customized touch monitor solutions catering to varying display sizes, installation, and other customer requirement.

Product Overview

Touch Monitor All-in-One Solutions

Are you in search of a reliable and innovative touch monitor all-in-one solution? Look no further than Touch-China, a leading industry player with a track record spanning over 24 years. Our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has made us the go-to provider for touch display products across various sectors.

Industrial Monitor All-in-One

Industrial Monitors All-in-One are devices specifically designed for use in demanding industrial environments. These monitors integrate robust and reliable technology in order to offer exceptional performance in harsh environmental conditions. They are widely used in various industrial applications such as process production and control, production and quality monitoring and control, and real-time data visualization. We offer a wide range of touch and non-touch Industrial Monitors to suit the needs of the automotive, logistics, metallurgical, textile and many other sectors. We also offer models with a stainless steel finish and full IP65 protection for sensitive environments, such as the food and chemical industries.

Touch Monitor All-in-One Customized

Industrial touch monitors are optimized for different user environments (Indoor and Outdoor). We provide customized touch monitor all-in-one solutions catering to varying display sizes, installation, and other customer requirement.

Industrial Touch Monitors provide an industrial-grade, plug-and-play touch display solution designed from the ground up to meet or exceed high-reliability market expectations. Utilizing our pre-engineered reference designs as a baseline, companies can easily customize as much or as little as needed to get the look and feel of a custom product with the performance and reliability of OEM engineering and manufacturing.

Industrial Touch Monitors Customization Options

● Custom Cover Glass

● Custom Artwork

● Touchscreen Performance

● Custom Housing Design

● Custom Mounting Configurations

● Sunlight Readable / NVIS

● Alternative Video Input Options

● Android / Windows Integration

Touch Monitor / All-in-one Features

Right out of the box, multiple video inputs and a USB-connected multi-touch capacitive sensor allow for easy set-up and straightforward operation. 

Two mounting options; rear VESA and adjustable side flanges, maximize installation options. 

The light-weight, powder-coated aluminum enclosure has the fit and finish of a custom product with the strength and durability to protect your investment for years of worry-free operation.


Industrial-Grade Touch Monitors Baseline Configuration

● From 10.″ to 43″

● Industrial-Grade LCD

● Multi-Touch Capacitive Sensor (G/G)

● Optically Bonded


● Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing

● Rear VESA Mounts

● Optional Adjustable Flange Side-Mounts

● USB Plug-And-Play Windows 7+

● Power, Video, Touch Communication Cables Included

Service and Support

When you work with Touch-China, you get our 24/7 customer service. Initial processing suggestions will be obtained within 2 hours after receiving feedback, and a detailed analysis and improvement report will be provided within 48 hours to ensure efficient progress of the project. We also offer an RMA handling policy, so any issues will be resolved promptly and professionally.

In addition to touch display all-in-one machines, we also provide Resistive Touch Screens, Capacitive Touch Screen, Touch Display Module. Welcome to cooperate with us at any time.


1.How is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor mounted?

Industrial Monitors can be surface, wall or electrical cabinet mounted, depending on the needs of your industrial environment. These models offer versatility in terms of sizes and types of assembly, which facilitates their integration into any industrial environment. There are also models with VESA support mounting, which are ideal for more mobile workstations or for integration into machines that do not allow the installation of an internal Industrial Monitor.


2.Can Industrial Monitors be used outdoors?

Yes, we have Industrial Monitors specially designed for outdoor use. These monitors are equipped with high brightness screens and anti-glare technology to ensure optimal visibility even in direct sunlight. They also have a rugged construction that protects them from the outside elements.


3.Is it possible to customize an Industrial Monitor to suit specific requirements?

Yes, at Irontech we work on completely custom projects, so our Industrial Monitors offer customization options to suit specific needs. This can include features such as custom screen sizes, special resolutions, additional connectivity interfaces, or even custom mounts for seamless integration into a particular application or industrial environment.

Our products are very popular, if you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible. Email: info@touch-china.net

Product Name: Touch Monitor / All-in-one