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Resistive Touch Screen

Established in 1999, Touch-China independently develops, produces and sells various types of resistive screens. In the touch industry for more than 20 years, Touch-China started by specializing in the production of vehicle front-mounted resistive touch screens and high-end industrial control and financial resistive touch screens.

Product Overview

Resistive Touch Screens

Offering unparalleled accuracy and durability, our resistive touch screens redefine user interaction. The screen part of the resistive touch screen is a multi-layer composite film that is very suitable for the display surface. The resistive screen is divided into four-wire, five-wire and other multi-wire resistive touch screens according to the number of lead wires. The advantages are that the technology is relatively mature, the cost is relatively low, and the surface is not easily affected by dust, water, and dirt.


The Four-wire Resistive Touch Screen Features and Applications

The four-wire resistive touch screen can use many touch media such as pens, fingers, gloved hands, credit cards, etc. It has strong adaptability to various pollution. While having good stability and reliability, it is light, easy to assemble and Low cost and other characteristics. Used in handheld GPS, vehicle computer navigation, POS cashier system, information query all-in-one machine, medical instrument service system, etc.


The Five-wire Resistive Touch Screen Features and Applications

Five-wire resistive touch screen with scratch-resistant hard coating. With good durability and stability, the five-wire resistor has strong environmental adaptability, stability, and durability. It is frequently used in hotels, restaurants, industrial process control, and medical instruments. It is often used in POS cashier systems, industrial control equipment, all-in-one inquiry machines, medical instrument service systems, interactive teaching systems, etc.

Customized Resistive Touch Screen from Touch-China

At Touch-China, customization is our strength. With over two decades of experience in projects and customization, our professional R&D team provides early technical support and services tailored to your unique requirements. Our factory, seamlessly integrating research and development with sales. 

Touch-China will provide you with 4.3-24 inches resistive touch screen customization services to meet your special needs. Self-built industrial parks and newly built fully automated industrial parks will ensure stable and sustainable large-scale production.

About Touch-China

Touch-China has passed ISO9001 and IAFT16949 certification, ensuring the highest quality of smart touch display products. Our products include resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, touch display modules, touch monitor All-in-One, etc. 

On the basis of the original industry, it added large-size touch screens for smart education and optical bonding production line; The gradual development in the industry meets the needs of today's industry, education, automation, finance, POS and other fields.

After-sales and Delivery

We use 24/7 online services and promise to provide preliminary processing suggestions within 2 hours after receiving feedback. In addition, our fair, reasonable and timely RMA processing policy gives you peace of mind. 

We use cartons and cardboard for packaging, and it takes about 3 weeks for delivery. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Our products are very popular, if you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible. Email: Carrie@touch-china.net

Product Name: Resistive Touch Screen